A18 - Archives of the Crystal Palace Campaign AIMS as set out in 1999

Updated versions replace these on the website (October 2004) in view of the Campaign's victory and the current developing situation

Three main items have been archived:

Part 1 : In answer to - Who we are?


...a voluntary group of local people opposed to a plan to build a huge leisure complex on the historic site of the old Crystal Palace in south London.

We are a non-political coalition of residents and businesses with no connection to other groups.

We are committed to opposing this development by all lawful means at our disposal.

We are committed to finding a better future for our park.

Campaign Contacts (link)

Bromley Council has given planning permission (6th May 1999) for an 18-screen multiplex cinema - the largest in the country - at Crystal Palace Park. The development would include restaurants and a massive roof-top car park.

If the plan goes ahead, it will create an ugly blot on the landscape, cause traffic congestion, destroy trees and wildlife habitats and ruin the peace of the park. The building proposed would be at odds with the style of the original Victorian Crystal Palace.

The council stands to gain £6 million from the developers if the plan goes ahead.

Local people have not been consulted in any meaningful way. In fact, their views have been contemptuously disregarded by the council. Crystal Palace lies at the northern edge of Bromley and on the boundaries of four other boroughs, Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark and Croydon. Public support for the plan is virtually non-existent.

We believe local people should have a major say in what happens to their park.

We also believe that a single local authority should not be allowed to destroy the potential of an historic site for future generations.

Note: the multiplex scheme was cancelled in May 2001, but the Crystal Palace Campaign continues since "we are committed to finding a better future for our park".

NOTE: The Crystal Palace Campaign has no connection with any other group or organisation and does not condone any illegal action.

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Part 2 : In answer to - What the Campaign's about?


29 November 1999

What Bromley Wants

Why we object

What we would tolerate

The mediation process

There are three possible outcomes

The Future

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Part 3 : In answer to - What are the Campaign's Core Principles?

The Crystal Palace Campaign's Core Principles

We want to formalise the set of principles which are guiding our activities so that everyone knows where we stand, not only on the Ritchie monstrosity, which we reject utterly, but on any other proposal which may come forward. We suggest the following principles. But this is the community's campaign so, if you would like to comment on them, please get in touch - CONTACT US.

1) We are opposed to the multiplex development proposed by London and Regional Properties, both as to form and content. We are not prepared to accept this building or any variation, mutation or diminution of it.

2) Any proposal for Crystal Palace Park must respect the parkland location, the history of the site and the residential surroundings.

3) Any proposal must be the subject of a full environmental assessment and a traffic impact assessment.

4) The community must have a full consultative and participatory role in any proposal for the future of its Park.

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NOTES on this archive:

For reference these aims and Campaign descriptions have been archived here unchanged except that, for the most part, the links to other parts of the website have been disabled - the link wording, however, remains for completeness.

These sections have been replaced by updated comments (in the main body of the website) since the situation has dramatically changed from the time when they were first drawn up.

Our current aims reflect the fact that we have achieved most of what we set out to do and the community as a whole has received the benefit of those achievements. Nevertheless, we feel that the work of the Campaign is not quite done yet.

If there are any comments on this archive, and anything else.... CONTACT US

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