L33: European Commission - Environmental Impact Assessment

(1) What is the fundamental issue?

Did Bromley act contrary to European law in granting outline planning permission without Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)?

Is the UK system for EIA contrary to European law in not providing for EIA of reserved matters approval?

(2) How was the European Commission brought to this point?

By complaint by the Crystal Palace Campaign. The matter was put to the UK Government by the Euro Commission, but on each occasion the Government denied any breach. After an ultimatum, the action has been brought.

(3) Who is bringing the action?

The European Commission.

(4) Against whom?

The UK Government.

(5) What could the outcome be?

Declaration of breach of European law and the amendment of UK laws regarding EIA.

(6) Will it have further ramifications?

Yes - it will create a large extra layer of protection for the environment in this country.

(7) Could it have a bearing on the current dialogue process at Crystal Palace Park?

Probably not, save that it clearly discredits the multiplex approval and vindicates the Campaign's stance.

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21/5/05 Last Updated 21/5/05