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Section 10

The park is both a sanctuary, and a place where many people mark the passage of their lives.

Park Life, Urban Parks and Social Renewa[43]


Local Agenda 21: Blueprint for a Better Bromley


In this document, Bromley sets out its local action plan for sustainable development as part of its Local Agenda 21 initiative.


The document includes the following statements:

  • That derelict urban land will be brought back into beneficial use, and open space will be protected from development.
  • That local biodiversity will be enhanced by (among other things) creating new wildlife habitats through land management.
  • That opportunities for everyone to enjoy Bromley's green environment will be enhanced by (among other things) promoting green gardening and advocating the sympathetic management of accessible natural and semi-natural areas, including urban parks.


None of the above statements seem compatible with a commercial leisure designation of the green ridge at the head of the Park.

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[43] - Comedia/Demos (1995)

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