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Crystal Palace Park

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Section 15

Urban green spaces can, uniquely, be the catalysts for wider community and economic spin-offs in a way that other neighbourhood facilities or buildings are unable to achieve.



Introduction to objections


The main objections to the Unitary Development Plan fall into four parts. These are:

  • The lack of any strategic statement regarding the Park.
  • The removal of the MOL designation of the top site and the inclusion of a commercial leisure designation.
  • Conservation policy objections.
  • The designation of the Sports Centre site.


These are taken in turn in sections 16 - 19 below. I have made clear in previous correspondence that I am content for the remaining unresolved objections to be considered on paper. I have also expressed support for several of the policies in the second deposit draft, which I need not consider further here. References adjoining the section headings are to the objection numbers of myself and the Campaign.

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[114] -Improving Urban Parks, Play Areas and Open Spaces, DTLR, 2002

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