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Ownerships Within the Park


The transmitter occupies a portion of fenced land between the covered reservoir and the top-site, pursuant to a 99 year lease first entered into between the Greater London Council and the BBC in 1954.


The Sports Centre is occupied by Sport England pursuant to a 30 year lease entered into in March 1974.


The covered reservoir is occupied pursuant to a 125 year lease from 1978. The current parties are the London Borough of Bromley and Thames Water Utilities, who varied the lease by deed in 1997, although the terms of the variation are not known.


The caravan site is occupied by the Crystal Palace Caravan Club Site pursuant to a 125 year lease granted in 1989.


There is some land and buildings to the south-west of Crystal Palace Park road occupied pursuant to a 25 year lease granted in 1997.


The bus terminus at Crystal Palace Parade is subject to a 60 year lease from 1999.


More recently, it is known that the London Borough of Bromley has granted a long lease to a fishing club, which has had the beneficial effect of giving stewardship of the lake to the club, but with the adverse effect of taking the lake out of public access.


In addition to this, various land adjoining Crystal Palace Park Road has been sold off for housing over the last 100 years.


What is clear from the above is that there is substantial erosion of the land originally part of Crystal Palace Park. Moreover, the erosion has taken place in a piecemeal manner and without any overall vision for the future of the Park.


I believe that to reverse its decline, the Park needs a vision for the future in the form of a framework document or masterplan. Simply to remove the designation of a part of the Park, without integrating it into the vision for the whole in any logical or consistent way, is to promote further damaging piecemeal development. At the same time, the fact that the London Borough of Bromley does not even attempt in the draft UDP to encapsulate an aspiration for the remainder of the Park (and in fact actively resists doing so) will, in my view, merely accelerate that erosion. At the very least, it will impede its proper regeneration.

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