Crystal Palace Campaign - 30 January 2001

Dear Sir/Madam.

As a successful and ambitious company, you may well have been considering whether to take a lease in the proposed multiplex cinema development at Crystal Palace Park.

The Crystal Palace community is dedicated to preventing this scheme, which it regards as damaging to the historic fabric of this community park, and destructive of the local environment. The Crystal Palace Campaign is an umbrella group for the efforts of the community. It has across the board political support, and the backing of 30,000 local residents, who have signed petitions against the scheme.

The Campaign has marshalled a vigorous attack on the scheme.

The current situation is that the European Commission has written a letter of formal complaint to the UK Government, regarding the failure to conduct an environmental assessment of the scheme. We expect this to lead to infringement proceedings in the European Court of Justice.

We have recently defended a number of licensing applications made by the developer, London and Regional Properties Limited, and successfully gained a series of severe licensing restraints, which will impact deleteriously on the profitability of the scheme.

Together with other groups, we have targeted UCI Cinemas, the only known tenant of the scheme, to ensure that their customers across the UK know of their participation in this damaging development. As a campaign group, we do not especially relish lawful direct action, but we believe that the advancement of this scheme without regard to community feelings has left us with no choice. We therefore intend to step up that area of our campaigning activities until the Park is safe from proposed interference.

I am enclosing herewith our Alternative Prospectus, which I hope you will find of interest, especially if you are still considering involvement in this scheme. Should you wish to meet to discuss its contents, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours sincerely,


Philip Kolvin,
Chairman Crystal Palace Campaign

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