Councillor Gareth Compton

Conservative Member for Gipsy Hill Ward

Our Ref: 3rd February 2000

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Mr Ian Livingstone
Managing Director
London and Regional Properties
40 New Bond Street
London WIY 9HB

Dear Mr Livingstone,

Crystal Palace Development

We write as the councillors for Gipsy Hill Ward in Lambeth to express our profound disappointment at your decision to withdraw from a stakeholders' forum with representatives of the local community, to discuss the future of your proposed development at Crystal Palace.

The people we represent are united in their opposition to your proposals for Crystal Palace Park. They know, as we do, that the development you propose would see not only the destruction of an historic park but also a blight of congestion, parking chaos and soaring pollution.

We were delighted to endorse the Crystal Palace Campaigns plan for a stakeholders' forum. We dared to believe that at last you had seen sense. It seems that we were wrong. It is not for us to question the motivation that led you first to hold out the promise of negotiation and then to snatch it away. The community will come to its own judgment.

We can only conclude by emphasising the determination of local people to resist your destructive plans. It would be a grave error if you were to underestimate a community as united, as determined and as resolved to fight as you have made this one by your proposals for Crystal Palace.

You may also rest assured that we will continue to do all we can, at Lambeth Town Hall and elsewhere, to resist a development which we believe threatens the unique character of this area. We know that you will come to regret your decision to opt for confrontation over negotiation and that, ultimately, your ill conceived development will never go ahead.

Yours sincerely,

- signed

- signed

- signed

Cllr. Russell A'Court

Cllr. Gareth Compton

Cllr. Mrs Janet Grigg

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