N15 - Consultation in the Park - Stakeholders/LDA - September 2004

People in the tent

The consultation exhibition on the future of the Park attracted a lot of people over the first weekend. They were attracted by the publicity, were simply curious as they passed by or their children spotted, through the windows, the painting going on in the creche and wanted to join in.


An excellent and simple way to leave your comments. The stickies have accumulated by the hundred on all aspects of the exhibition.

What happens next?

The big question.... Nigel Westaway, who is conducting the Stakeholders' Process, initiated by the Crystal Palace Campaign more than two years ago, will collate all the comments and report back to the Stakeholders and the LDA (who are part of the Process). The Stakeholders will then decide how to move forward.

One vital aspect not yet covered is the question of future Park management - several options were mooted in the exhibition.

Pictures taken 19 September 2004 - second day of the exhibition.

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