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Croydon Unequivical:

In her reply to our invitation to our Celebrity Concert (25 June 1999), Valerie Shawcross, Leader of Croydon Council wrote:

"You know that the members of Croydon Council were in agreement with your opposition to the multiplex. I wish only that the scheme could have been held over for review by the new Mayor of London. I find it hard to accept that the Secretary of State did not see [that] this site is of strategic significance and did not call in the planning permission, despite Croydon's request. I salute your persistence, effort and ingenuity. London's green spaces are the heritage and birthwright of London's children. I only wish we could have been more helpful in stopping this appalling environmental vandalism."

A Whiff of Archaeology....

A little bit of history....

The Crystal Palace Bill April 2001:

In the thick of the dispute about the cinema multiplex building, the Campaign was continuously trying to find ways of solving the issue. We had been considering approaches to Parliament for example by lobbying all MPs (which we did), promoting an Early Day Motion (which we did not do) and by lobbying for a Bill which would have changed the ownership of the Park from Bromley Council to the Greater London Authority (ring any bells?). Thus the Crystal Palace Bill was born. It was drafted by the Crystal Palace Campaign Chairman, Philip Kolvin, and was presented to the House of Commons on 10th April 2001 by Geraint Davies.

Its main provision was the "Transfer of Crystal Palace and Park from the London Borough of Bromley to the Greater London Authority." With the recent announcements precipitated by the National Sorts Centre and Athletics Track crisis, the transfer we sought in the Bill has, for all practical purposes, taken place.
See full Bill text...; Bill presented by:Geraint Davies (MP Croydon Central).

Good news section....

The uncertain future of the National Sports Centre and Athletics Track has been put beyond doubt by an agreement between the Mayor's Office, Sport England and Bromley Council. The NSC and the track will remain open until new facilities are built. Management of the whole park will pass to the Mayors office with a third each of the running costs split between the three organisations. It is likely that the new facility will be built adjacent to Crystal Palace Station. - source, BBC news

More good news....

Crystal Palace Sports Centre stays open

The 2004 Grand Prix athletics will stay at Crystal Palace it was confirmed today, as details of a deal which will enable the National Sports Centre at Crystal Palace to stay open pending a major overhaul were announced by the Minister for Sport, the Mayor of London, the London Development Agency, the London Borough of Bromley, and Sport England. more...

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