Wide agreement over future for Crystal Palace Park


A meeting of the Crystal Palace Park, Stakeholders Main Group was held last Saturday which attracted more than 80 people from all the local amenity groups, local councillors, representatives from the London Development Agency and English Heritage, and many members of the public. The meeting had been widely advertised and the Salvation Army Hall in Upper Norwood was buzzing with discussions on the proposals from the Strategic Working Group - an offshoot of the Stakeholders Main Group. The result was wide agreement over the way forward for Crystal Palace Park.

This was a particularly important day since it was the first such meeting to be held since the announcement of new arrangements for the possible future management of the Park by the London Development Agency. And for the first time in many years an optimistic note crept into the proceedings since real improvements to the Park seemed now to be possible.

Park issues were hotly debated and resulted in a solid basis of agreements which will guide future Park plans. In addition it was agreed that the Stakeholders Forum, run by Nigel Westaway and associates, would continue for a while - at least until a more permanent framework for public consultation can be developed.

It certainly looks like there will be ongoing provision for sport in the Park beyond the two years currently provided by the agreement between Bromley Council, Sport England and the London Development Agency. Now it seems that we are on the road to finding a way of improving the state of the rest of the Park as well.

The Crystal Palace Campaign, having initiated the process more than 18 months ago, when reconciliation between various factions seemed almost impossible, is proud to have been instrumental in moving away from strife and putting a positive force for change in its place.

The Campaign's new Chairman, Ray Sacks, said: "We are on a patient march towards full democratic participation in the regeneration of this important Park: a solid foundation has been laid and it is now for all stakeholders to build on it through maturity, respect for others and good judgment."


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