October/November 2005


This is where it's happening (Penge Gate - lower Park area)

Valerie Shawcross, London Assembly Member for Lambeth and Southwark, former Croydon Councillor; lives in Upper Norwood SE19 - opens proceedings at the Exhibition at midday on 20 October 2005.

...followed by Tony Winterbottom of the London Development Agency - Executive Director Regeneration and Development. Then Charles Secrett, LDA Board Member. Charles (sorry no picture) talked about the nature of the proposals saying that

  • they represented the best integration of individual proposals that we've seen for Crystal Palace Park
  • the theme of energy sustainability will move towards low or zero carbon developments
  • the proposals will create more and better open green space throughout the park
  • the Consultation Process was not a sham but will take respondents' views very seriously
  • this will provide a lead for other parts of London

Finally here is a glimpse of how the new National Sports Centre and Athletics track area might look. Highly integrated and good links to Crystal Palace Station. A lot more green where the old NSC used to be.

Imagine arriving at the station and walking onto a concourse overlooking the new facilities, seeing the green of new tree plantings and the well defined restored terracing. It could happen - Paxton's famous park axis newly resurrected devoid of the concrete which currently cuts it to pieces.

A design competition for the NSC will be started this month to see how current ideas turn into real, well defined structures... ready for opening in 2010.

Proposed Time Line


  • October - Consultation event
  • October - Start of design competition for a new regional sports centre


  • February - Framework Agreement by Bromley
  • March - LDA takes over the NSC
  • May/June - Architects selected for sports centre
  • Summer - Further public consultation
  • November - Planning application for sports centre submitted


  • New sports centre opens

The LDA has set aside a budget of £300,000 per annum from 2006-2009 to fund small-scale improvements to the park.

Here are some possibilities that have been suggested:

  • An arts events programme
  • Subway: site clearance and provision of safe access
  • Closed lands on Hilltop: clear fly-tipping, make accessible
  • Provision of children's play equipment on Hilltop
  • Restoration of Paxton's water feature, near the farm site
  • Concert platform: provide equipment to enable regular events to be staged
  • Concert Platform: new stage deck

Archaeological dig

London Development Agency Website: check this for more information and to confirm the dates and venues in case there should be changes.

Crystal Palace Campaign:

Vivien Day, Hon. Secretary
33 Hogarth Court, Fountain Drive,
London SE19 1UY

e-mail: VA.Day@ukgateway.net



Thursday 20 October to Tuesday 25 October; Penge Gateway
Thursday 27 October to Tuesday 01 November; Ornamental Gardens (top of park)
Opening hours starting from 1400 on Thursday 20 October and then 0900 to dusk every day.


05 & 06 November; Sainsbury's, Penge Town Centre from 1000 - 1700
12 & 13 November; Safeway/Morrisons, Upper Norwood Triangle from 1000 - 1700
19 & 20 November; Somerfields, Sydenham Town Centre from 1000 - 1700
26 & 27 November; Tesco's, Elmers End from 1000 - 1700
03 & 04 December, West Norwood Library from 1000 - 1700


This is a great opportunity to come and see for yourself what is proposed and to leave your views.

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