(R92) Crystal Palace Campaign - NEWS BULLETIN 1 MARCH 2004


If you haven't heard or seen it, it was announced on February 24 2004 that the future of both the National Sports Centre and the Park have at last been safeguarded.

In short, the Greater London Authority's London Development Agency (LDA) (which is under the Mayor's aegis) will for the next two years assist Sport England with the running costs of the Sports Centre then the LDA will take it over. Even more important the LDA has taken an option to take over the running of the entire Park from Bromley within 5 years.

This is a historic development and to bring it all properly to fruition will require the sort of close consultation the Campaign initiated two years ago with local groups and local authorities AND which CPC has constructively and energetically pursued.


To find out more about these exciting developments the next session of the consultation process is on Saturday, 13 March 2004 - 9.30-2pm at Salvation Army Hall, Westow St. Places are limited so first come first served and you must contact Nigel Westaway the facilitator 020 8670 7861 or write to him at 74 Thurlow Hill, SE21 8JN to reserve a place. If any of our supporters want to be part of CPC's team please call Vivien Day on 8670 8686.


Thanks to everyone who took part in the build up to the Bromley's UDP hearing. Philip Kolvin made an outstanding presentation, having beforehand quietly persuaded Bromley to drop altogether their wish to end the Top Site's status as Metropolitan Open Land. Text of his 'proof of evidence' like so much else is on our website www.crystal.dircon.co.uk.


Our debt to Philip Kolvin is enormous, but he has decided after 6 years to stand down as chairman, while remaining firmly committed to the Campaign and to a new post at CPRE in which we all wish him well. He is replaced by Ray Sacks, long-time member of CPC's steering group who has been very active on the Dialogue Process's strategic working group.

This notice is being e-mailed and publicly displayed in shops and libraries. If you'd like to receive an e-mail copy, send your e-mail address to the Hon Secretary at the address below.

Crystal Palace Campaign, 33 Hogarth Court, Fountain Drive, London SE19 1UY
Telephone: 020 8670 8486 E-mail: va.day@ukgateway.net Campaign Website: www.crystal.dircon.co.uk

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