Start of run: 12 noon Saturday 22 May 1999.
The run got off to a cracking start. The first runner, Paul Seddon, was lapping the circuit in 19 minutes i.e. a speed of 7.6 miles/hour OR, to put it another way, equivalent to a 3.75 hour marathon!

The runners, roughly in running order were:

Paul Seddon
Isabel Aragoneses
Carol Howard
Cliff Barker
Dave Leal
Leanne Mcintyre
Linda Power
Inga Reynolds
Roz Turner
Margaret Pedler
Steve Fletcher

Ian Jenkins
Caroline Blake
Maz Turner
Steve Baxendale
John Turner
Detlef Gartner
Rachel Best
Janet Marshall
Wendy Bailey
Michael Bassett
Susan Smith

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Caroline Blake (our marathon runner) did 12 circuits which is 28.8miles - slightly longer than a full marathon. There were others who came quite close to this; John Turner, Paul Seddon... the run was never a race and a lot of fun was had by all.
Congratulations and thanks to everyone who took part (I hope I haven't missed anyone) - I calculated that they ran the equivalent of a London to Manchester journey in "people-miles".