(B30) - Code of Conduct, Stakeholders' Forum

Crystal Palace Park Dialogue

Code of Conduct for Working Group Members


Working Group members agree to:


  1. be committed to working through mutual discussion to shape the future of the park and the sports centre;
  2. treat the Crystal Palace Dialogue as the forum for this discussion between LDA and the community unless other arrangements are agreed in advance;
  3. look for solutions that balance their own views with the known views of other stakeholder groups (including the wider public, as indicated through the public consultation process);
  4. focus on solutions for the future (i.e. revisit the past only when necessary to assist with this);
  5. focus on issues rather than personalities;
  6. attempt to resolve any concerns about the dialogue process initially by bringing them into the dialogue itself (rather than bringing external pressure to bear or seeking external publicity);
  7. not knowingly misrepresent the process, park proposals or other dialogue members to the media or wider community;
  8. inform the dialogue group of any alternative processes or campaigns relating to the park or the dialogue;
  9. treat other dialogue members (including the facilitators) with respect, even when there is disagreement;
  10. respect any agreements for confidentiality on particular issues; (to date, such agreements have been occasional and short term - a pattern that is not expected to change);
  11. neither quote other dialogue members, nor speak on their behalf, outside the meetings, except where this is explicitly agreed (i.e. reporting on what was said in meetings is permitted, but saying who said it is not, unless otherwise agreed);
  12. as far as reasonably possible, maintain continuity of representation from their own group;
  13. maintain a regular, two-way reporting between the dialogue and their own membership;
  14. declare any relevant conflict of interest, including any actual or potential commercial interest in proposals for the park or sports centre;
  15. sign up to this agreement and contact the facilitator immediately if at any time they believe they can no longer abide by it.


Signed: Ray Sacks (Chairman, Crystal Palace Campaign)

Organisation: Crystal Palace Campaign



Dated: 20 June 2006

NWA 12/5/06

Comment: although the Working Group Meetings have been operating since the early "conflict resolution" days under a set of ground rules, it was felt necessary to introduce a slightly more formal operating code (above). These are common sense rules and should not be looked at as a 'legal' contract. They simply try to describe the spirit in which debates should be conducted which, apart from a few instances, has indeed been the case. Members who will not sign up to this Code may not attend meetings.

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