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(B.1) Five Councils
Location of Crystal Palace Park
(B.3) Brief History of the Crystal Palace
(B.4) Background to the Development at Crystal Palace Park - (brief Campaign History)
(B.5) Integrated Transport White Paper
(B.6) William Frederick Woodington A. R. A.
Crystal Palace - "On a hot summer's day" by Mrs Karen Pender-Gunn, September 1999
What role does the citizen play with respect to the shaping of leisure policy? - by Rosina Motilla, September 1999
FACT SHEET - used on the 26th February 2000 anti-UCI demonstration. A summary of issues concerning the proposed development and other matters.
Single Regeneration Budget - Bromley Council's claims scrutinised, 12 May 2000
Supporters of the CPC - LIST
(B.12) The Crystal Palace Campaign's
"Core Principals"
Why is it important to save our trees? - a note by Ken Lewington, CPC Vice Chairman (31/1/01)
The Crystal Palace Design - from competition to compromise - background chronology to the "trophy architecture" debate - Ken Lewington, CPC Vice Chairman (17/03/01)
Unitary Development Plan - 2001 - (New threat from Bromley)
Election Results - 2001 - includes:- last Parliament composition, current Cabinet Members 10 June 2001
Death of Sir Charles Fox - The Engineer 1874
Sir Charles Fox - memoir - Institution of Civil Engineers 1874
Fox, Sir Charles (1810-1874) Dictionary of National Biography (1921)
River, Road and Rail, some engineering reminiscences - by Francis Fox (1904) - son of Sir Charles Fox (of Fox and Henderson)
Sir Charles Fox - An introduction to his life and role in the Crystal Palace building - by R E Sacks(2002)
GLOSSARY of terms
The Peoples' Palace - Dulwich College November 2002 - Jan Piggott, Archivist
CRYSTAL PALACE PARK - CURRENT STATUS; map and notes - Ray Sacks, Pat Trembath, Crystal Palace Campaign, 5 June 2003
How to Rebuild the Crystal Palace (& The Crystal Palace Corner Project) - Lecture by John Greatrex at Dulwich Picture Gallery, 26 February 2004
Crystal Palace Park: The Dialogue Process, by Nigel Westaway & Associates, June 2004
"Please miss, can I have a detention?"; The new, improved Kingsdale comprehensive is such fun the pupils won't want to leave. Jonathan Glancey reports, The Guardian 19 July 2004, Architecture
Crystal Palace High Level Railway Station - route to the "Screaming Alice", 6 February 2005, by Ray Sacks - compiled from various sources.
(B27) Hilary Cottam, Designer of the Year Award - 2005 - Design Museum
Crystal Palace Park - development proposals from 1937 - 1998
To Engineer is Human, The role of failure in successful design, Henry Petroski - Vintage 1992
Code of Conduct, Working Group Members, 20 June 2006

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