The Crystal Palace Campaign's Core Principles

We have followed a set of Core Principles which summed up the main aims of the Campaign. Some of these have been successfully completed, but there is still a little work to do...

1) We are opposed to the multiplex development proposed by London and Regional Properties, both as to form and content. We are not prepared to accept this building or any variation, mutation or diminution of it.

Achieved - project cancelled in May 2001.

2) Any proposal for Crystal Palace Park must respect the parkland location, the history of the site and the residential surroundings.

Achieved - recognition of this need is incorporated into the dialogue process guidelines.

3) Any proposal must be the subject of a full environmental assessment and a traffic impact assessment.

Achieved - the European Commission is pursuing the UK Government concerning Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and the principle has been recognised in the dialogue process.

4) The community must have a full consultative and participatory role in any proposal for the future of its Park.

Largely Achieved - the Community has been actively engaged in the dialogue process which we initiated and which has set the guiding principles behind future Park changes. The exception, which is still to be discussed and resolved, is the long term involvement of the community in the future of the Park.

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Main European Commission Links:

(L.8) European Commission - representations by the Crystal Palace Campaign concerning the Top Site - APRIL 1999
(L.14) European Commission letter - 20/10/00
European Commission Letter - 14/01/03: EC taking Government to the European Court of Justice over failure to do Environmental Impact Assessment at Crystal palace.
Commission pursues infringement proceedings against eight Member States for non-compliance with Environmental Impact Assessment Directive - 24 January 2003
(L.23) LONDON BOROUGH OF BROMLEY - Development Control Committee,
Environmental Impact Cases, 22 July 2003 (agenda item)

Main Consultation Links:

CPC Qustionnaire -

(L.17) Consultation starts here! - questionnaire on the future of the park (and FAQS) - June 2001
Sunday Twist to Crystal Palace Consultation - CPC press release 11 September 2001
Schoolchildren consulted on future of Crystal Palace Park - CPC press release 18 September 2001
Address to schools in south London by Philip Kolvin, CPC Chairman 14 September 2001
CONSULTATION STARTS HERE - The Report, The Results: March 2002 - Summary of the consulatation (questionnaire) carried out at the end of last year

Main Consultation/Dialogue Process Links -

(R.72) Bromley leader agrees to new local consultation on future of Crystal Palace Park - 2 July 2002
Bromley Leader welcomes `positive and constructive` workshop - Bromley Council Press Release 2 July 2002
Interim Report of the Dialogue Group - July 2003
CRITERIA - for asessment of Park schemes, Strategic Working Group Meeting August 2003.
(R93)  Crystal Palace Park - Wide agreement over future for Crystal Palace Park, 15 March 2004


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