(R.71) Consultation Starts Here - report on the results of the consultation on the future of Crystal Palace Park - March 2002

Consultation Starts Here

Crystal Palace Park
Public Consultation - The Report ,The Results

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Crystal Palace campaign
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Cover pictures (above): The famous "blotting paper" sketches by Joseph Paxton illustrating the concept of the original Crystal Palace for the Great Exhibition of 1851.


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by Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London

This report makes an important contribution to the debate on the future for Crystal Palace Park.

Crystal Palace Park is one of the most significant regional parks in South London, with a world-famous heritage. As such, Londoners should join me in calling for its future protection and enhancement.

The decline in quality and loss of green space is of grave concern to me. My London Plan (spatial development strategy) will seek to protect and improve parks and open spaces of local and regional significance.

The quality of the Park in recent years has not been of a standard fit for a regional park, or for the communities surrounding it. Improvements are needed, but not developments of a scale best suited to an urban town centre.

I commend the Crystal Palace Campaign for their extensive efforts in consulting the local community on a future for the Park. This consultation has been wide-ranging and included groups such as children, who often do not get a say in the future of their areas.

I hope that the community can now work with Bromley Council and other nearby local authorities to agree a way forward and I look forward to being consulted on future proposals.

Ken Livingstone
Mayor of London



Consultation panel

Yvonne Dean, Wendy Gomez, Philip Kolvin, Peter Lawson, Martin Jon Eames, Julia Dwyer

Questionnaire design

Vivien Day, Fred Emery, Philip Kolvin, Kalina Palka, Ray Sacks

Web Questionnaire design

Ray Sacks

Distribution leaders

Lorna English, Janet More

Distribution network

The valiant people who took the time and effort to walk round the area distributing 40,000 questionnaires.

Park survey leader

Janet More

Park survey team

Peter Archer, Hugh Blake-James, Vivien Day, Nick Goy, Gillian Hastings, Sheila Hodgson, Mr & Mrs Jarrett, Lillian Johnson, Gary Philips, Philip Kolvin, Adrian Moore, Elise More, Janet More, Diane Redford, Lyn Rietig, Ray Sacks, Tim Walker.

Data co-ordinator

Vivien Day

Data handling

Vivien Day, Joan Forbes, Pat Trembath, Janet More, Ray Sacks, Philip Kolvin

Statistical advisor

Prof. I. Kolvin


Vivien Day, Philip Kolvin, Ray Sacks


The heads, teachers and pupils who made the schools contribution so successful: Alexandra Junior School, All Saints Infant School, Anerley Primary School, Cator Park School for Girls, Churchfields Primary School, Dulwich College Kindergarten School (Ducks), Dulwich College, Kingsdale School, Royston Primary School, Sydenham High School for Girls.

Shops, libraries

Anerley Library, Beckenham Library, Bookseller Crow, Dulwich Books, Kirkdale Bookshop, Penge Library, Safeways(Upper Norwood & Sydenham branches) Sainsburys Homebase(Penge) and Upper Norwood Library for accepting our questionnaire collection boxes.

Draft report comments

Patsy Barnes, Laurie Johnston, Wendy Jones, Janet More, Kalina Palka, Pat Trembath.

Above all, thank you to the 2,313 people who took the trouble to respond to our questionnaire. It is you who have made the whole exercise worthwhile.

Editor's note:
1:- the report on the website is exactly the same text as in the paper version. Only some formatting changes have been made to improve legibility and navigation
2:- the full tables of data are not included, so references to particluar tables can't be folowed up at present (the tables will be added shortly).

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