The Crystal Palace Campaign reaffirms its commitment to its core

The initial aim of ridding the Park of the multiplex has been achieved. We also initiated the Stakeholders' Forum which is ongoing, has proved successful in promoting dialogue about the future of the Park and which will shortly facilitate public discussions about the Park and ideas for its future.

In fulfilling our commitment to the future of the Park and in keeping with the findings of our widespread Consultation Starts Here research, we have been seeking to interest people with a world wide reputation for producing outstanding work, like Chris Wilkinson of Wilkinson Eyre. Chris is a local resident, an expert on the Crystal Palace and the only architect to win the Stirling Prize twice. His ideas have been innovative and thought provoking and may well turn out to be a significant milestone in the history of the Park and the area. By the way, in doing this work not a single penny of Campaign funds has been used.

That idea with others (which we will endeavour to get on our website) has been put to the Strategic Working Group and there are more to follow. It is good news to see such a wealth of possibilities for the Park. All of these will be put to the planned public consultation process.

Early next year there will be a chance to air your views when the Stakeholders' Forum conducts public consultation, and we are attending some local meetings to keep people informed and to hear their views. For your information, no planning permission has been sought by anyone, there is no "done deal" and no developer - these are early days and there will be plenty of time to debate the issues.

We hope that you will take time to look at the information, think carefully what the substance is about, think carefully about the Park and how it might enhance the whole area and please comment.


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