(R84) CRITERIA - Strategic Working Group Meeting August 2003

The criteria for assessing any scheme put forward for the Park were discussed at various Strategic Working Group meetings and approved by the Main Group. This list constitutes a summary/shorthand form of those criteria (none have been left out only the original order was rationalised by the facilitator). This note is taken from a record of the meeting.

"The facilitator displayed a list of criteria updated in accordance with the wishes of the Main Group and grouped under similar topics.

The meeting agreed to use the new, grouped list when assessing proposals.

It also agreed that there should be no prioritisation of the criteria and that a solution should be sought that performed as well as possible against all of them.

Although employment had been discussed in relation to the future of the Sports Centre, it was not agreed as a criterion.

Revised Criteria List

1. Complementing current sense of place and heritage value.

2. Green Open Space Value

3. Benefits

4. Impacts

5. Viability

6. Does the proposal enjoy the support of the community?

7. Long Term Strategy

8. Design

9. Others

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