(C.4) Village Green Registration

We want to register the top-site at Crystal Palace as a village green. To do so we need to prove that it has been used by the public as of right for recreational purposes for at least 20 years continuously. Note that any 20 year period from 1946 *onwards is valid for this purpose. If we succeed, the multiplex cannot be built on the site.

Brief update 27/07/00: Village Green matters are with our solicitors.

28/12/00 - Thanks go to the tremendous response from the many people who took the time to provide the material we requested. The matter is still under consideration but, at least for now , we need no further "witnesses" since we have all the information we require. Hopefully there may be an appropriate time to put in our application in the coming year - we will keep you all informed.

Thanks to Lorna English who helped collate and keep track of the responses.

The response form has been removed for now. The Campaign will resolve this matter in due course.

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Last updated 22/11/99
22/01/22 - dates altered to 1946 - since any 20 year period of continuous use until the present is valid for this submission.
21/03/00 checked spelling! response form removed 28/12/00;13/5/01