UPDATE 6th March 1999

We have seen some extraordinary scenes in our neighbourhood this past week. The sight of thousands of police officers and Sheriffs men converging on our Park and in our roads brought fear, consternation and anger to those of us who witnessed this event.

The closure of the A212 - the Crystal Palace Parade, brought traffic chaos and gridlock to the area. Schools received no advance warning of the invasion, and closure of the roads. Children were unable to make their way home after school as they were abandoned by their buses at Sydenham Hill, Dulwich Wood Park and Anerley Hill. This left many of them unable to continue further or make their connections, leaving them frightened and many parents frantic with worry.

The emergency services ability to respond was seriously compromised - placing us all at risk. Indeed a serious, and as it now transpires tragic, accident occurred the following day and the Air Ambulance helicopter had to be deployed, this being the only way to attend and evacuate the casualty to hospital.

This was a totally inappropriate and massive military style operation in the heart of a suburban residential area involving huge resources of manpower, equipment and money. It must be remembered that a High Court judge stated that Bromley should not embark on the eviction process until there had been full and meaningful discussion with the Environmental Protesters and that the site should not be enclosed, damaged or its use changed until all planning and legal processes had been exhausted.

Bromley refuse to listen to us and continue to issue a litany of misinformation and deceit. They signed the deal with the developer BEFORE any proper public consultation and certainly NOT with the people living in the adjoining boroughs who will be most affected by this development.

This cannot be tolerated. Questions must be asked. Objections must be made.

Write to Bromley: The Chief Executive, Dr Michael Blanche, Bromley Council, The Clvic Centre Stockwell Close, Bromley, BRI 3UH.

The developer: Mr lan Livingstone of London & Regional Properties Ltd., 40 New Bond St., London,


The cinema operator: Mr Alan McNair, Chief Executive, UCl(UK)Ltd., 7'hFloor, LeeHouse, 90 Bridgewater ~treet, Manchester, M 15 JW.

The Government: Rt Hon John Prescott, Secretary of State for the Environment, Eland House, Bressenden Place, London, SWI SDU.

by John Payne, Press Officer - tel: 0181-244 8399

8th March 1999
It has now been confirmed that United Cinemas International (UCI) have signed an agreement with London & Regional Properties and Bromley Council.

UCI is owned by Universal and Paramount. Our local Blockbuster Video is a Paramount sister company, as are Nickelodeon and MTV.


See the UCI website www.uci-cinemas.co.uk


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