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Trees - letter to Robbie Stoaks (Bromley Council) 3rd April 2000 (separate page opened)
Norwood Park needs volunteers (13/5/01)
Pollution Annual Report, Croydon Council 2000/2001
A Whiff of Archaeology in the Air - by Ray Sacks 29 March 2004: a walk in the Park and an Archaeological Proposal

(E.1) Other Groups

The top site at Crystal Palace is a lush and verdant site, home to a rich variety of vegetation and wildlife. There are 150 mature trees, and many species of birds and butterflies. The multiplex plans would mean the wholesale destruction of this haven.

The huge increase in traffic generated by the development would have an obvious adverse effect upon the wider environment - and upon the health and safety of the local community.

The Crystal Palace Campaign is not the only local group trying to prevent the damage.

The Ridge Wildlife Group was formed with the aim of protecting the environment at the top of the Park. It has organised a petition to save the site as a nature garden. At the last count, over 13,500 people have signed. In addition, the group has cleared rubbish from the site that the council failed to prevent from being fly-tipped (some believe that Bromley cynically allowed this to happen in order to be able to claim that the site was derelict and polluted.) It has surveyed the trees and wildlife, and drawn up an ecological management plan for the site in co-operation with the London Wildlife Trust.

A group of eco-warriors is occupying the site known as the Big Willow Eco Village (near the TV transmitter tower - see map).This is an autonomous group with no connection to the Crystal Palace Campaign. Despite this, Bromley has threatened to hold the Crystal Palace Campaign financially accountable for the activities of the eco-warriors. Bromley protests that their occupation is unlawful and that they are damaging the land by tunneling on it (though perhaps not so much as by felling 150 trees and covering it under 12 acres of concrete).

Our answer is simple: the Crystal Palace Campaign does not fund the eco-warriors or direct their activities and we do not invite, incite or condone any unlawful activity. The Crystal Palace Campaign has no direct connection with any other group or organisation.

UPDATE: 16th March 1999.
The Eco warriors have been removed from the site by Bromley Council using a huge contingent of Police. Fortunately the episode passed off with no major injuries. It did serve to anger people who flocked around the site and who have demonstrated at the Anerley roundabout against the Bromley development.

(E3) Norwood Park

Volunteers are creating wild life features at Norwood Park - help is needed. Please contact John Cotter:

200 Clive Rd., SE21 8B5

Tel.: 020 - 82448724

(E4) Croydon Council - Pollution Annual Report 2000/2001

"2. Air pollution

"Croydon's air pollution monitoring network now comprises six continuous monitoring stations (including Crystal Palace) measuring nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, particles, carbon monoxide and ground-level ozone."

"Health effects

"Scientific studies have shown that high levels of pollutants like nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and ozone (O3) can cause breathing problems, especially in people with asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. Studies have also shown that, as levels of particulate air pollution increase, so do increases in deaths and admissions to hospital due to both breathing and heart problems."

The report shows that, at the Crystal Palace monitor, the measured nitrogen dioxide levels do not comply with the objective annual target which is 40 mg/cubic metre. Further, 80% of the nitrogen oxide pollution is attributable to traffic.

More details see the Croydon Council website:


for the full section on air pollution.

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