(R.45) News from the Mayor of London - 29 November 2000 - For immediate release

From the Greater London Authority website (2000/238)

Mayor's position on Crystal Palace Park presented in court

The Mayor of London's objections to the application for 14 liquor licences within the proposed leisure development at Crystal Palace Park will be presented tomorrow (Thursday 30 November) at Bromley Court House, London Road, Bromley.

The court hearing began on Monday with the London Borough of Bromley defending the case for granting the new licenses. Ken Livingstone said:

'The development is a matter of considerable concern to neighbouring

residents and local authorities and I wish to support the objections made by

those people who will be most affected if these licenses are granted."

The Mayor's concerns are: an over concentration of licensed premises; disturbance to residents arising from behaviour beyond the control of the licensees; an increase in drink-related crime and drink-driving; disturbance within the historic park; a negative impact on police resources; and the inappropriateness of the site for the proposed development.


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