(LI.5) London Mayoral Candidates - 2000

This is a complete list of mayoral candidates; the front runners first then the other candidates each list in alphabetic order. The candidates affiliation is noted and a statement of theirs is presented (taken from their websites and other sources - somewhat at random). To go to the available websites and find out all the details, click on their name for the link to be activated. From there, e-mail them your queries about their view of our difficulties, the future of parks, traffic policy etc... etc...


Rt. Hon Frank Dobson

Labour Party

"I stood for this job because London is a great city but it could be even better. Working together we can build the London we all want to see."

Ram Gidoomal CBE

Christian Peoples Alliance

"London is a world city. ....... We will encourage local communities to build on this by developing local features, for example specialised shopping or buildings of historic or architectural value to attract visitors."

Darren Johnson

Green Party (of England and Wales)

"For Greens, the debate about the future of London is really a debate about the future of the planet. London is a world-famous city - what we do here can have an impact elsewhere in the world... As London's first Green mayor, I will be a strong Green voice for London."

Susan Kramer

Liberal Democrat

"My three top priorities for the first Mayor of London:
*Rescuing our tube, buses and trains with City investment;*Reducing crime with more community police; *Revitalising communities and high streets all across London"

Ken Livingstone


As a Member of Parliament for Brent East he represents one of the most diverse areas in Europe. Ken has developed a high profile as a Londoner who is never afraid to speak up for the people he represents.

Steve Norris

Conservative Party

"London is a great place to live. It's the best city in the world. It's a rich city with culture and tradition, innovation and young raw talent... I want a compassionate and inclusive London. Londoners need to remember that they have an obligation to each other as well as to themselves."

Completing the list...

Geoffrey Ben-Nathan


Pro-motorist and Small Shop; He wants to stop motorists being used by the government as "wallets on wheels". PRO-MaSS is concerned that fines on car users also "punishes shops and small businesses" as they rely on the custom of car users.

Dr Geoffrey Clements

Natural Law Party

His party's panacea for London, and the nation's ills is largely based around 'yogic flying' and using the powers of positivity to reduce stress in society and thereby combat crime and pollution.

Damian Hockney


He is a former member of the Tory party. His party favours withdrawal from the European Union which, he says, drains £2bn a year from London and threatens the capital with the same levels of unemployment experienced by France and Germany.

Michael Newland

British National Party

no information available

Ashwinkumar Tanna


He says that he is standing to represent the views of ordinary Londoners who want a mayor who can run the city without interference from political party leaders. He also proposes encouraging the economy of south London. He lives in Sydenham.

No website information available.

Main Political Party Websites:

The Conservative Party


The Green Party


The (Greater London) Labour Party


The Liberal Democrat Party


Useful Information on the Mayoral Process

London Voluntary Service Council


Government Office for London


Mayor for London


Election Maps


Powers of the Mayor (BBC site)

BBC - politics

Basic Dates

20 March

Final date for voter registration

24 March

Notice of election

3 April

Closing date for submission of completed nomination papers by candidates

5 April

Statement of candidates published

13 April

Last date for requesting a postal or proxy vote

27-29 April

Early voting at one or two special polling stations in each borough

4 May 2000

Election day

5 May

The Mayor and Assembly appointed. GLA takes on some initial responsibilities

3 July

The Greater London Authority takes over all its responsibilities

Mayor's Powers

Financial: The assembly will have responsibility for spending on police, fire, transport and economic development - a total budget of around £3.3bn at present.

A London Development Agency will be set up to take over responsibility from central government for the allocation inward investment and regeneration funds.

The mayor will not be in complete charge of all of these funds.

Transport: The mayor will be responsible for producing an integrated transport strategy and for running Transport for London, the new body that will incorporate London Transport, the Highways Agency's responsibility for trunk roads, the Traffic Director for London, and the Government Office for London's transport activities.

Environment: The mayor can organise city-wide action to improve the environment. He will be required to produce a four-yearly report on the state of the capital's environment, develop an air quality strategy, a biodiversity action plan, an ambient noise strategy and a municipal waste management strategy.

For more detailed information see e.g. the BBC site, link above.

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