Ideas for the future of Crystal Palace Park will be put to the wider public as part of an extensive consultation starting this Autumn, 2004. Rejuvenating the park and improving the sports facilities will also help drive the regeneration of surrounding areas.

The ideas have been developed by independent consultants retained by the London Development Agency (LDA) along with groups involved in the Crystal Palace dialogue process.

The LDA, which has funded the process since April 2004, is organising the consultation in advance of taking on responsibility for the National Sports Centre in 2006 and, possibly, the park as a whole in 2009.

Independent consultant Nigel Westaway will collate the responses.

The consultation process initially will include:

18th - 26th September 2004
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
near the Thicket Road Entrance

There will be ample opportunity for visitors to respond to the ideas shown and to add ideas of your own if you wish. Your visit to this event will be an important way of finding out what's happening.

If you would like to receive a consultation pack, or to take part in one of the road shows, please let us know so that we can pass your details to the facilitator.

From the HOME page:

Now that the summer school holidays are over, it's time to turn our attention again to the fate of Crystal Palace Park and an important event:

18 - 26 SEPTEMBER 2004


Your opportunity to participate in this important process, begun by the Campaign, to determine concepts which will help determine the future for the Park.

Now is the chance to have your say....

This is the place... near the cafe (this morning 18 September 2004) - there is a lot of information available, great exhibition... and there is a creche.

(no entry fee!)

Why this event is important.....

The exhibition presents a well researched overview of the state of the Park, puts it into historical and geographical context and shows what the future might bring. Further, it provides a simple way for you to voice your opinion to the people who can have an influence on what happens next. Changes will happen no matter what turn outside events may take - the Olympics for example. I'm sure the LDA and others will be impressed by our response and how much we care about this historic place. Pictures and comment from 19 September 2004 .


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