P150 - Crystal Palace Triangle Turns Green - Croydon Guardian 29 September 204

Businesses in the Crystal Palace triangle are celebrating a year of cutting costs at the same time as helping the environment.

Over the last year businesses in the area have been taking part in the Green Business Challenge organised by Croydon Council, to raise awareness of environmentally friendly policies.

Companies in the triangle had been asked to commit to at least one envronmental improvment such as using less energy, recycling more or saving water.

Alison McNaught, partner in the Domali Cafe in Westow Street, said:

"I think it was a very good scheme and reflected our whole business ethic. We have always tried to act with the environment in mind within the business but thanks to the help from the council we were able to start offering Fairtrade eoffee, increase our recycling, save energy and cut back on our bills. Anything that helps improve the local area is good for the environment and the community a a whole."

Gouncillor Adrian Dennls, cabinet member for planning, environment and urban development, said:

"We wanted to work alongside traders, helping them to make improvements to their businesses while enabling them to work collectively on making a positive difference to the area.

"The Green Business Challenge has helped put the triangle back on the map, and make it a place people chose to shop and socialise."

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