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(P.1) Fancy a film tonight? - by Harriet Lane; 24 January 1999 - The Observer
Carbuncles and style - 21 November 1998; extract from speech by HRH Prince Charles
A whiff of the secret state - by John Walsh; 15 March 1999 - Independent
Save our industrial heritage - by HRH Prince Charles; 25 April 1999 - Observer
Today interview - Multiplex Abbingdon - by Simon Montague; 26 April 1999 - Radio 4
Leisure bid for Crystal Palace... - by Ian Leech; 7 April 1999 - The Croydon Post
Who are L &RP? - by David Kenyon; March 1999 - the Norwood review
Croydon Council Fights Park Cinema Plan - Croydon Advertiser - 23 October 1998
Bromley Councillor Booth resigns - Bromley & Beckenham Times 27 May 1999
Family to be mayoral priority - by Tom Worden; News Shopper 26 May 1999
A mayor for London - London Labour News, May/June 1999
The Great North Wood - by L. S. C. Neville, The London Wildlife Trust, Southwark Group 1987
An interview with John Prescott and Professor Whitelegg - Monday 7th June 1999, "Today", Radio 4
Blair strips Prescott of top job - by Rachel Sylvester (Political Editor), The Independent on Sunday - 11 July 1999
Alternative plans for Crystal Palace - Croydon Advertiser 9 July 1999
Mum to Challenge Palace Plans - Beckenham and Penge NEWS SHOPPER - Wednesday 21st July 1999
Home Zones Reclaim the Streets - by Sue Quinn; The Guardian Thursday August 5, 1999
Is this really the end of the multiplex? - by Andrew Gumbel, The Independent on Sunday (Culture p.2) - 29 August 1999
New Defence for Palace - by Nick Triggle, South London Press, Friday 17th September 1999
Concert Bowl Latest - South London Press - Friday 17th September 1999
Bleak future for cinema projects - by Lisa Buckingham, City Editor, The Guardian, 14th October 1999
On Top of the World - by Robert Liebman, The Independent, Saturday 9th October 1999
Cinema screen surplus threatens movie revival - by Paul McCann, The Independent, Sunday 6 November 1999
Parks in towns are "appallingly neglected" -by Colin Brown, Chief Political Officer , The Independent, Sunday 6th November 1999
Frivolous Plan - by Richard Francis, 16 November 1999
Crystal Squall - Evening Standard, 6 December 1999

(P.27) Rotten Boroughs : Park Life - Private Eye No.993, 14 January 2000
PRIVATE EYE - Crystal Balls & Rotten Boroughs: No. 994, Friday 20 January 2000
PRIVATE EYE - Crystal Ballistic: No. 995, 11 February 2000
An 'eco-yuppie' who is storming the gates from within: Financial Times, 15-Feb-2000
Bung Deal - a familiar story: Rotten Boroughs, PRIVATE EYE, No.999, Friday 7 April 2000, p.11
(P.32) Crystal Palace -
Hole in the heart - by Charles Jennings, The Guardian, Space, 30 March 2000
Cinema Economics - five articles (a mixed, fluid outlook) - February 2000
Wannabe Mayors Reject Multiplex Bid - Croydon Post, Wednesday 19 April 2000
Multiplex firm accused of renerging on its promise - by Marcus Thornley, Croydon Gaurdian, 18 May 2000
Darren Johnson takes up campaigner's case - Croydon Gaurdian 18 May 2000 (Save-the-Trees)
Bosses throw out £40m plan for sports stadium - by Marcus Thornley, Croydon Guardian, 25 May 2000
Park Life: The 50 best public gardens in Britain - by Anna Pavord, The Independent, 24-30 June 2000.
Sports - Lottery funding - two articles May 2000
Lager louts - Two articles; Beckenham & Bromley News Shopper, Croydon Guardian
The big picture - a view of the 30 cinema multiplex just opened outside Birmingham, UK - by Gary Younge, The Guardian 26 July 2000
YOUR MP'S VIEWS - Tessa Jowell, MP for Dulwich and West Norwood - South London Press, 28 July 2000
Late entrant leads race for Center Parcs - by Dominic Walsh, Times, 10 August 2000
Storm in the Willows - by Helen Carter, The Guardian, 15 August 2000
Plans for Greener Triangle - The Croydon Post, 13 September 2000
Ian Ritchie parts company with L&RP - Architects Journal, September 2000
It's not too late to save the Palace - Ian Ritchie... has been dismissed - by Rowan Moore, Evening Standard 19 September 2000
Multiplex plan is against policy - by Peter Parker in a letter published in the Croydon Advertiser, 07/07/00
The demise of a multiplex? - Radio 4 "PM programme", 22/9/00 (Ed: my title!)
Heritage now more popular than cinema - by Maev Kennedy, The Guardian, 27/09/00
Diary of the Chair of the Crystal Palace Campaign - by Philip Kolvin, in Living South, October 2000
Doomed park named as a top open space - by Natasha Holt, South London Press, 3 October 2000
Temporary relocation of museum causes outrage - by Joanne Parkes, Croydon Guardian, 5 October 2000
Sabotage threat to cinema plans - by Natasha Holt, South London Press, 6 October 2000
Problem is pub related - Letters, Croydon Guardian - 19 October 2000
Mayor labels cinema plans "cheapskate" - by Nino Williams, Croydon Guardian, 26 October 2000
(P.57) Bromley:
Mayor of London blasts Crystal Palace complex - by Mike Addelman, Beckenham & Penge Shopper, 25 October 2000
Fury as Palace plan approved ("baboons"?) - by Mike Addelman, 11 October 2000 Beckenham & Penge Shopper (front page)
Guide embarrasses Crystal Palace Planners - Beckenham & Penge News Shopper,11 October 2000
European Commission Acts! - Finacial Times and Daily Telegraph articles, 3,4 November 2000
Euro blow for Crystal Palace multiplex - by Mira Bar-Hillel - 13 November 2000, Commercial Property section, Evening Standard
Multiplex future is now in doubt - Croydon Guardian, 9 November 2000
Licence blow leaves complex on the rocks - by Mira Bar-Hillel, 6 December 2000, Evening Standard
Crystal Balls (again!) - Private Eye - Rotten Boroughs, 15 December 2000
The case of the people and the park - by Fred Emery, Financial Times, 9/10 December 2000
Crystal Palace: Both sides in battle claim victory - by Mike Addleman, News Shopper, 6 December 2000
All the protestors cannot be wrong - by Ken Lewington, News Shopper, 29 November 2000 (Star Letter)
Jacqui Lait's Westminster Report - from the MP for Beckenham , Autumn 1999
The year Hollywood lost the plot - by Ed Helmore & Vanessa Thorpe, The Observer, Focus-Box Office Blues, 17 December 2000
Cinemas need a blockbuster - by Luke Johnson, The Sunday Telegraph, 7 January 2001 (includes note of new owners for UCI)
Liquor opposed - by Mike Addelman, Beckenham & Penge News Shopper, 1 November 2000
Stand-off at Crystal Palace - by Anna Minton, Estates Gazette 20 February 1999
Crystal Clear - Campaigners are calling for a showdown over plans to ruin the people's park, says Mira Bar-Hillel, Evening Standaard Property News February 2000
I'll block multiplex, says Ken - Croydon Advertiser 3 November 2000

Thanks a MILLION - Private Eye, Rotten Boroughs, 16 (?) February 2001
£5 heavyweight commemorates Victorian values - by Georgia Williams, Evening Standard, 19 January 2001 (p4)
Residents oppose multiplex project - Croydon Guardian, 26 April 2001
Schemes left THI and dry - Top developer's collapse signals a low point for the UK leisure sector - by Sean Cronin, Estates Gazette, 21 April 2001
Why the Celebrations in Crystal Palace Park? - by Natasha Holt, South London Press, 15 May 2001
Plan to develop park as leisure complex axed - by Helen Parrott, Croydon Advertise,r 18 May 2001
Crystal Palace Climbdown - by Mike Addelman, Beckenham & Penge Shopper, 16 May 2001
Multiplex Plan is Buried - by Joanne Parkes & Nino Williams, Croydon Guardian, 17 May 2001
Green oasis flourishes in desert of East End - by David Graves, The Daily Telegraph, 18 June 2001
English Heritage boss resigns on eve of shake-up - by Anna Whitney, The Independent, Saturday 14 July 2001
Battle of Hastings won! - by Ros Coward, The Guardian, 17 August 2001
Rage amongst the ruins - by Sara Wheeler, Daily Telegraph, 30 March 2001
European Commission legal threat to Byers over park plans - by Severin Carrell, The Independent 26 August 2001
Society: environment: eco soundings - Crystal clear - by John Vidal, The Guardian, 15 August 2001
The next steps for Crystal Palace Park - Living South October 2001
People's Palace: a People's Victory - compiled by Selma Montford, Streetwise 45, September 2001
Livingstone to run with the Palace baton - by Scott McLean, Political reporter, Croydon Advertiser, 2 November 2001
EC legal threat to Byers over park plans - by Severin Carrell, Independent on Sunday, 26 Aug 2001

Open Letter from the Crystal Palace Campaign to Michael Tickner, Leader Bromley Council, 7 January 2002
Threat Still Looms over Palace Park - by Helen Parrott, The Post, 16 January 2002
Our Own Jurassic Park is Back - by Sarah Warden, Newshopper, 9 January 2002
It is still not crystal clear - by Andre Erasmus, Newsshopper, 9 January 2002
Whizz Kid for English Heritage - by Maev Kennedy, Arts & Heritage Correspondent, The Guardian, 13/12/10
At last... £700m deal saves Wembley in extra time - by Dennis Campbell, The Observer 9 December 2001
Keep our common for the people - Kentish Times, 1 February 2002
Residents want park to stay green - Croydon Post, 3 April 2002
On The Line - BBC Radio Five Live - Crystal Palace 10 June 2002
How to...Running a local campaign - Which? Feb 2001
British Bid to Stage Olympics in the Dome- by Colin Brown and Simon Smart, The Sunday Telegraph, 4 August 2002
Sports Centre Future: British Grand Prix Crystal Palace - by Katharine Merry; Palace Revamp - by Tom Knight, The Daily Telegraph, Sport Thursday, 22 August 2002
A few articles and information about the Oyster Awards - September 2002
2012 Olympic bid set for scrapheap - by Denis Campbell, Observer, 27 October 2002
Croney Carter gets Sport England job - by Vivek Chaudhary, The Guardian Sport, 27 November 2002

Fraser pleads for Palace football to save athletics stadium - Croydon Advertiser, 10 January 2003
Brussels puts UK planners in the dock - Selina Mills, Daily Telegraph, 4 February 2003
Talks have not stalled over park - Croydon Advertiser 25 April2003 and Protestors call halt to talks over park fence - by Susie Rowe, Croydon Advertisre, 11 April 2003
Olympics: Government ready to back campaign as early as next week - Daily Telegraph by Mihir Bose, 9/5/03
Blair goes for Olympic win - by Denis Campbell, The Observer, 11 May 2003
Olympics: Countdown to bid launch - by Simon Hart, Daily Telegraph, 11 May 2003
Jowell pleads for Olympics - by Denis Campbell (sports news correspondent), The Observer, Sunday 9 February 2003
Athletics back at Crystal palace - by John Greatrex - South London Harriers / Crystal Palace Foundation - [transcript of the article on page 12 of the 1999 Grand Prix Athletics official programme] - Saturday 7th August 1999
Text of a statement made in the House of Commons - Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP, 15 May 2003
2012 Olympic Games - London goes for gold - Ken Livingston, 15 May 2003
2012 Olympic Games - London goes for gold, GLA Press Release - 15 May 2003
Culture Secretary announces support for London bid for 2012 Olympics - 15 May 2003
Blair backs Olympic bid - BBC Sport 15 May 2003
A Garden for All as Private Eden - by Herbert Muschamp, New York Times, 23 May 2003 - Crystal Palace, the inspiration for Central Park?
Solutions for Crystal Palace Park - Croydon Advertiser, Letters page, 6 June 2003, by Ray Sacks (CPC)
London's new 2012 Olympics bid leader Barbara Cassani is to enlist marquee names - she tells Hugh Muir - The Guardian, Saturday 21 June 2003 (Sport p.15)
Mayor vows to push for Palace centre funding - Croydon Advertiser, 12 September 2003
Take Five sixth-formers - Croydon Advertiser, 12 September 2003 (The People's Pole)
Cash crisis leaves Palace pool facing closure in March - exclusive by Ian Austen, Croydon Advertiser, Friday 19 September 2003
Should the Olympic -size swimming pool at Crystal Palace be replaced? - Croydon Advertiser, The People's Pole, VOTING: 19-26 September 2003
"COMMENT -An affront to our young swimmers" - Croydon Advertiser - 19 September 2003
Crystal Palace Sculpture Park - Chris Wilkinson, Wilkinson and Eyre, November 2003
DECISION TIME FOR NATIONAL SPORTS CENTRE, London Borough of Bromley - News release, Tuesday 25 November 2003
Positive way forward for National Sports Centre, London Borough of Bromley - News Release, 28 November 2003
Environmental Impact Assessment Screening in London, by Christine Mc Goldrick, GLA, January 2002

A new home for Palace? - Football club in talks about switch from Selhurst Park to redeveloped stadium in Crystal Palace Park, exclusive by Ian Austen, Croydon Advertiser, 30 January 2004
A move for Palace that may benefit everyone Croydon Advertiser, 30 January 2004
BACK HOME? Croydon Advertiser 30 January 2004 (where-to for CP football?
Whitehall warned over London bid; Mistakes made over Wembley's huge costs must not be repeated, Olympic Games - David Hencke, Westminster Correspondent, The Guardian, 10 February 2004.
Heart of Glass - Robin Stringer tours the Dulwich Picture Gallery's new Crystal palace Exhibition. Living South, February 2004
(P137) Philip Kolvin, Crystal Palace Campaign - looks at the battle their group has been engaged in... and demonstrates
the power of community action when residents pull together and stand up to authority. Spaces and Places February 2004
Crystal Palace show prompts concern over Sydenham park, by Marcus Binney - "Timesonline", 16 February 2004
(P139) Crystal Palace Foundation -
25th anniversary year, by John Greatrex, February 2004
SO GOOD THEY BUILT IT TWICE, by Hugh Pearman - Sunday Times, 19 February 2004
The Age of the Park - Julian Pettifer on BBC RADIO 4; three programmes on Mondays - 8, 15, 22 March 2004.
Park Ideas - Dulwich Picture Gallery subsidiary exhibition March 2004
The Write Way to Get Noticed - Tom Levitt, MP for High Peak - Society Guardian, 14 April 2004
Duke of Devonshire - obituaries - May 2004
Capital Gains - London's bid for the Olympics - hard work ahead; by Duncan Mackay, The Guardian 19, 20 May 2004
Public having say on plans for site - by Richard Simcox, News Shopper 4 August 2004.
Reflections & Pods and Monsters - art & architecture at the Venice Biennale September 2004; Caro Communications and the Guardian (by Jonathan Glancey)
Street stars named desire (Routemaster bus) by Mark Townsend, The Guardian, 26 September 2004
Tram will 'definitely' extend to The Palace - The Croydon Post,29 September 2004
Crystal Palace Triangle Turns Green - Croydon Guardian 29 September 2004
Taking up the Green Challenge - Croydon Reports (West Croydon) Issue 61, October 2004
Park protection victory claimed - South London Press , 14 September 2004
Pictures Fetch fortune - News Shopper 1 September 2004
Previously unseen images of Crystal Palace up for sale - by John Ezard, Arts Correspondent - The Guardian 20 August 2004
Park's future needs good positive thinking - Croydon Advertiser, letters page, 10 December 2004

CRYSTAL PALACE National Sports Centre set to benefit from over £1million of funding - GLL website, 17 March 2005
Livingston brothers hire UBS in £1bn bid for Somerfield - Sunday Times, 27 March 2005 by John Warples and Richard Fletcher
(P158) Times On-Line;
Landmark environmental decision gives property developers 'headache', By Michael Herman: 9 May 2006
Cinema legal row leaves green legacy - Kentish Times 11 May 2006, by Patrick Clift.
(P160) "
Sale of the 20th Century" RHS journal, The Garden, November 2006 - by Brent Elliott


Published material, in magazines, newsapers on the radio etc., contains a wealth of information of interest to the campaign. It may be articles with news of ongoing activities in, say, the film world. It may be published statements which crystallise (no pun intended) a view which is relevant. Or it may be something which is just there for fun with (admittedly) only the vaguest connections. If you have anything which may fit these rather loose categories, let me know via the return e-mail page.

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