(P.89) The next steps for Crystal Palace Park - Living South, October 2001

As we reported in August, moves are afoot to turn the Crystal Palace Campaign (CPC) into something more established and proactive to help the community, local authorities and the Greater London Authority (GLA) plan for the regeneration of the park. A trust, working alongside a new Crystal Palace Assembly, could be the way forward.

A trust - proposed by the CPC - would work with the London Borough of Bromley, raise funds, make grant applications and guide the regeneration of the park in consultation with local people. At the same time the Crystal Palace Assembly would draw interested groups and bodies from the five boroughs. It would be consulted by the trust on all relevant matters. CPC Chairman, Philip Kolvin said: "The Trust and Assembly will create a democratic forum of ideas in a climate of goodwill... I commend the idea to local residents and their political representatives. "

As part of the process the CPC has distributed 35,000 questionnaires in the local community and has extended its reach into major local schools to bring children up to speed on the history and potential of the park.

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7/10/01 Last updated 7/10/01