(P.55) - Problem is pub related

Letters - Croydon Guardian - 19 October 2000

Two weeks ago the Guardian reported how the owner of a minicab firm said Croydon was turning into a drink-fuelled "war-zone" at weekends. We asked readers for their views.

Of the many letters received by the Guardian, the following gives a stark warning about the current issue of the application for 14 liquor licences in the proposed multiplex.

Problem is pub related

"A former colleague of mine regularly despatches local news press cuttings of interest. I sometimes reciprocate with South Dorset.

May I quote Stuart Williamson from the front page of your October 5th edition, "Croydon is turning into a weekend drink-fuelled war-zone."

Maybe there are too many pubs and clubs in the town centres. The licensing justices should start facing up to facts and stop granting so many liquor licences. I understand that Crystal Palace Park developers intend to apply for about 14 liquor licences for the proposed multiplex development.

God help the local residents!"

Mr J Pullen
Princes Drive,

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