(P.29) PRIVATE EYE - No. 995 11th February 2000

Crystal Ballistic (letters page 15)


I thoroughly agree with Robbie Stoakes in his "Crystal Balls" (Eye 994) that Crystal Palace should be reborn in the 21st century. We need councils to tell people what they think they want. The youth of this country are crying out for healthy indoor pursuits, relaxing in darkened rooms watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster, dancing and drinking until 2am, every day of the year. And think of the wonderful hi-tech legacy that we shall be leaving our children and grandchildren. No necessity to be "outside" in those nasty elements too hot, too cold, too windy, too wet &emdash; from home-to-car-to-mail-to-multiplex and home again.

Multiplexes, just like shopping malls, are the latest hi-tech phenomenon and with a five-year payback period it has to make economic sense&emdash; just think &emdash; thousands of people spending their money, 365 days of the year, 7am till 2am. All you've lost is a bit of park. The downside is, of course, the traffic chaos and pollution that these people will bring, but no big deal, we're used to gridlock up here already. The spectacular views across London and the south east from the car park in the sky will make it all worthwhile.

Yours sincerely


London SE21

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