(P.54) Sabotage threat to cinema plans - by Natasha Holt

South London Press 6 October 2000

THERE were threats of sabotage as tempers flared during a meeting on the controversial Crystal Palace Park development this week

Wednesday's meeting of Bromley Council's development control committee degenerated into mayhem as councillors voted through outstanding details of the plan to build a multiscreen cinema complex in Crystal Palace Park

Cllr. Mike Hall branded campaigners 'baboons' as they chanted 'shame' and shouted obscenities when the controversial vote met unanimous approval amongst councillors.

One campaigner against the development told the SLP: "Believe me this will not go ahead. We will sabotage it. We have a lot of money stashed away and of course we've talked about sabotage. We are not having it, it's as simple as that.

Although only 80 protesters were allowed to attend the meeting their disgust at the decision could be heard throughout the Council building.

One distraught campaigner shouted: "You're spineless. Do any of you listen to anyone apart from your own egos?"

Fred Emery, spokesman for the Crystal Palace Campaign, said: "You have to wonder what it is that makes these people vote like cattle. It's our democratic right and duty to challenge them but as they do so often, they're just rubber stamping it."

Bromley's Chief Planner, Stuart Macmillan said: "This is the final hurdle in the planning process and the council was satisfied that this application can be approved. I am sure we will soon see a landmark building worthy of this unique site."

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