P155 - Park's future needs good positive thinking

Croydon Advertiser, letters page, 10 December 2004

I read with interest Ross Lidbetter's article on the consultation over the future of Crystal Palace Park.

Like most other stakeholders taking part in the dialogue (and that includes the GLA, several local boroughs, English Heritage and local amenity groups) I am delighted at the efforts made by the London Development Agency (LDA) to seek the views of the public.

As you said in your article, the nearly 6000 responses were independently analysed and assessed and the results show a wide range of views.

While agreeing that there were limitations to the exercise - it is obvious that not everyone could be reached through this particular approach and this will be remedied by the ongoing dialogue and consultation process - I can only applaud the LDA's commitment to extend consultation and the imaginative way it went about this.

It is perhaps unfortunate that the only local response quoted in your article was negative and failed to appreciate the immense strides made. I understand that that might make for a better story but it does not convey the truth. The future of Crystal Palace will only be secured by a good deal of collaboration and by critical but positive thinking.

Crystal Palace Campaign

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