(P.10) Family to be mayoral priority

by Tom Worden, News Shopper 26 May 1999

BROMLEY: Elderly and young are focal point of year

Family to be the mayoral priority

BROMLEY'S new mayor was elected amid much pomp and ceremony last week.

Councillor Sue Polydorou took over thc mayoral chain from Peter Ayres at the Civic Centre council chamber.

Mrs Polydorou said: "I'm delighted to accept the office. It's both a privilege and an honour.

"My theme for this year will be the family. The council will be looking to help our elderly to continue to live independently and with dignity.

"We hope to recruit 2,000 young people to help the elderly - two groups who are often seen to he polarised.

"I'm extremely excited about the year ahead."

She added: "There will always be a role for the mayor.

"There's still an important ceremonial role attached to mayors by a great many individuals and groups. It gives recognition to the importance of an event."

Councillor John Holbrook was confirmed as Labour's new co-leader of the council taking over from Councillor Polydorou who held the post last year.

He joins Councillor Chris Maines, the Liberal-Democrat co-leader.

Councillor Holbrook is the Labour party's longest serving borough councillor having represented St Mary Cray since 1986.

He said: "By working together I hope we will make considerable progress towards the borough becoming London leader on green and environmental issues."

Sue Polydorou JP - elected 3/5/90 St Mary Cray ward; Labour; Mayor 1999/2000; member of Bromley Council committees:

Education Committee
Education Review Sub-Committee
Investment Sub-Committee
Policy and Resources Committee

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