(P.59) Guide embarrasses Crystal Palace Planners

Beckenham & Penge News Shopper - 11 October 2000

HISTORIC Crystal Palace Park has been named as one of London's best open spaces in a guide which has embarrassed council plans to build a multi-million pound leisure complex there.

The ironic decision endorses the efforts of campaigners who have been battling for over a year to prevent the £58m complex of cinemas, shops and restaurants, from being built. English Partnerships, which is responsible for regeneration and development, featured the park in an urban design compendium published in August.

The guide said the park was a good example of how to design "quality open space to be a valued community resource".

Fred Emery, spokesman for the Crystal Palace Campaign, said: "It is ironic English Partnerships has been singled out as a leading example of urban design when Bromley wants to build this monstrous complex."

An English Partnerships spokesman said she only recently learned of the campaign against the development.

Denying the guide was embarrassing, she said "The park was a good example of an open space at the time and we can't comment on whether or not the new plans are a good example of design.

A Bromley Council spokesman said "The council is pleased the park is being recognised for the contribution it is making to the regeneration of the whole area"


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