(P.15) Alternative plans for Crystal Palace - Croydon Advertiser 9 July 1999

Alternative plans for Crystal Palace got a public airing this week with an exhibition of a bid to rebuild Sir Joseph Paxton's original design.

Dubbed "pie in the sky" by Bromley Council's head of heritage and urban designer Robin Cooper, the alternative plans have won some support from local people who are opposed to the multiplex planned on the site.

And for the next two weeks residents will be able to make up their own minds at the exhibition at Upper Norwood Library in Westow Hill.

Sir Joseph Paxton's original design as conceived for Hyde Park in 1851 would be refined using today's technology. The 256m by 80m greenhouse would be built alongside most of the foundations of the original Palace.

Plans also include the design of an environmentally-friendly eco park and the building of underground auditoria with a room for a range of activities including leisure and education.

Parking would be buried underneath a restored Italian terrace, which would feature fountains and gardens above.

Spokesman for People and Places International, John Greatrex said: " When that larger Crystal Palace burned down in 1936 many said the heart went out of south east London. PPI's goal is to help bring that heart back again and celebrate the people and place of south east London by enabling the Crystal palace to rise again from its ashes."

A planning application is with Bromley Council, which is considering the need for further information before it can be considered at a committee.

The exhibition, attended by architect Ray Hall on Tuesday runs until July 26th.

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