(P.67) All the protestors cannot be wrong

News Shopper 29 November 2000 (Star Letter) - by Ken Lewington

COUNCILLOR Maines (News Shopper, October 25) is wrong to say the proposed drive-on multiplex operation would not actually be on Crystal Palace Park.

It is a fact (and he should know) that all the park, including the site of the proposed development, is Grade II* listed on the English Heritage Register of Historic Parks and Gardens, the same level of protection afforded to Buckingham Palace Gardens.

If he is so sure there is "widespread local support" for the scheme, he should say why the scheme is so wholeheartedly condemned by the tens of thousands who have signed petitions, almost every local amenity group, three adjoining boroughs, Members of Parliament including employment minister and local member Tessa JoweU, Jean Lambert MEP, Ken Livingstone and many other groups and eminent individuals.

If Councillor Maines knows family restaurants will be included, perhap he would be kind enough to disclose who will be runnning them so we may express an opinion.

And if he thinks 14 1iquor licences are appropriate for this historic park, perhaps he'd like to ask Her Majesty if she would like them, plus the eyesore, in her back yard - we certainly don't want it in our front garden.

Ken Lewington
Vice Chairman
Crystal Palace Campaign

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