(P.27) Park Life - a view from PRIVATE EYE

- No. 993, Friday 14th January 2000




ROBBIE STOAKES, director of leisure and community services for Bromley council, has his spiel off pat. "A clean, green and safe environment is... a major aspiration for most people," he told a "study day" on London's public spaces at the Museum of London before Christmas. "I don't think we should discount the recreational value of green space."

How very true. "Certain commercial developments", however, such as Bromley's plans for Crystal Palace park, including "restaurants... [and] viewing areas to see right across London and the park" could only enhance the environment. Alas, Stoakes forgot to mention that the best views would be had from the 950-space rooftop car park above the 4,800-seat, 20screen cinema complex that is the heart of the Crystal Palace development and which will obliterate more than 12 acres of "clean, green" parkland beneath clean, grey concrete.

Also from the same Rottten Boroughs section - the planners brick wall......

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