The 40-page publication, Saving Open Space is GreenSpace's sixth publication targeted specifically at community groups wanting to know how to start and run a campaign.

Saving Open Space provides a toolkit for residents who want to run a campaign to fight a development on a park or green space.

Covering the different approaches and methods behind running a successful campaign, it proves that when communities are forced into taking on the might of developers and planners, they can win.

ISBN: 0-9542663-5-8
Published: 24.11.04


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"There is a better way.

"Most good parents do not start parenting only when they have to collect their wayward teenager from the custody suite. If you want to save your open space, start now, before it is threatened.

"Like, immediately!

"Go around your neighbourhood with your friends and identify sites which might be under threat: the tired, sad, neglected open space so favoured of developers.

"The fringe of the park that is used to store skips in.

"The bit of woodland at the back of your estate. The triangle behind the railway track where your kids play, or where nature has taken over.

"Then set about protecting it..............."

Author Philp Kolvin was the Chairman of the Crystal Palace Campaign from 1988 to 2004. He is now the trustee of the Campaign to Protect Rural England. Described by the Financial Times asan "eco-yuppie stoming the Palace gates from within" in his other life he is a barrister and writer specialising in licencing, planning and the environment.

Editor Nick Ockenden and designer Finbar Mulholland have put together a quality publication, clear, easy to look at and read, in fact, typical of the first class green-space publications which really disseminate the expert knowledge they command to the people who really need it!

This is an excellent publication, a must-have for serious campaigners in this field and others. There is a wealth of detailed information - a real how-to-do-it manual - with plenty of concrete advice taken from the successful Crystal Palace Campaign experience. The book has a very good list of Further Resources, Further Reading, Further Publications....

Ray Sacks CPC Chairman

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