(PP.1) Easter Trees (and Wordsworth)
Trees tee-shirt, graphic design by Judy Arnold
SONGS - POEMS - etc etc etc
(PP .4)
(PP .5)
The Subway - under Crystal Palace Parade
Crystal Palace Park Ridge - a poem by Ken Lewington
The Inauguration of Crystal Palace - watercolour by Eugene Louis Lami
Images of the Ritchie building - is this what it will really be like?
Aerial view of the Crystal Palace Sports Stadium - Croydon Guardian 9/12/99
The following four items are views of the top end of the Park taken in mid December 1999 on a very cold Sunday (n.b. the picture files are quite large and will take a while to down-load)
Some winter views of Crystal Palace Park - 1: pictures 1-6
Some winter views of Crystal Palace Park - 2: pictures 7-10
Some winter views of Crystal Palace Park - 3: pictures 11-13
Some winter views of Crystal Palace Park - 4: pictures 14-17

(PP.14) The ballad of the Palace - The pit and the monster by Roger Fullilove, December 1999
"Wonderful looking restaurant in Madrid" February 2000 - an e-mail to us from a site visitor who I don't doubt would like to eat there..
Ozymandias - Percy Bysshe Shelly
The Garden of Love - William Blake
Childrens Day in Mayow Park - Campaign images, Sydenham - 24 June 2000
Victorian Day in Crystal Palace Park - 15 July 2000 (quite large files - pictures of the day)
A Palace Bandstand... in South America - pictures and brief background from a correspondent, Rene Boretto.
Baboons and Bromley Council
The Hichhikers Guide,,, to planning - Douglas Adams (ashort extract or two)
(PP.23) May 2001 - a couple of
victory celebration pictures - May 2001
Rockhills (Joseph Paxton's home) - a plaque marking it's location
Baron Carlo Marochetti (1805 - 1868)
This is the Palace That Fox Built - "RIVER, ROAD AND RAIL
SOME ENGINEERING REMINISCENCES" by Francis Fox (Memb. Inst. Civil Engineers, son of Sir Charles Fox) London, John Murray (1904)
Hoardings - Erected on the Top Site, Crystal Palace Park - August 2002
(PP.28) June 2003 -
pictures of the Park - dilapidated grandeur?
"The Thing in Disguise" by Kate Colquhoun; Fourth Estate(2003) - book; life of Joseph Paxton.
(PP.30) "Fellow Crystal Palace Anoraks! - A
competition July 2004" - Crystal Palace Foundation
(PP.31) News and notes -
Crystal Palace Athletics Stadium, June/July 2004
Saving Our Space - green space 2004: community groups wanting to know how to start and run a campaign
Crystal Cafe - Malta 1 March 2005
Crystal Palace Parade - May 2005 - picture report by Ray Sacks, 7 May 2005
Limestone Lady from Crystal Palace Park - found April 2006


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