(PP.8) Is this what it really will be like?

This is what it will be like, really...
Really? Is this what it will be like?
Is what it will be, really like this?
It is this! Really! Will be like... what?
Be like this is what it really will!
Will it really be like this is, what?

This is the reality of car ramps dominating the proposed multiplex and the area. 950 car parking spaces on the roof. Probably 90,000 extra car movements a week. Where will the rest of the 1400-a-day cars park? ...in the park? ...or down your street? ...or in the triangle? Is this what will happen to our park, our neighbourhood, our shopping areas - our peace?

This is the kindest picture we could muster of the London & Regional Properties multiplex. Elegantly shaped, state of the art ascending roads can be seen - conducting the visitors to the top of the building where neatly arranged white lines will guide them to their places on the vista-platform. There, amongst the wafting clouds of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, unburnt hydrocarbons and PM10s, a view can be had for miles to the north and south of the Crystal Palace Ridge. A triumph of design over common sense!

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2/12/99 Last updated 2/12/99