(PP.25) Baron Carlo Marochetti (1805 - 1868) - sculptor

A visible reminder today of the Great Exhibition of 1851 is the equestrian statue of Richard I, Coeur de Lion (1860) by Carlo Marochetti. A bronze version is in Old Palace Yard, Westminster i.e. just outside the Houses of Parliament. He is seated on his horse, with sword raised, and the whole effect is greatly heroic. The earlier version of this statue stood at the West end of the Great Exhibition building facing what is now the Albert Memorial - placed outside as it was too large to enter the building.

Recent picture of Richard I outside The Houses Of Parliament
(taken 2002, res)

Old Palace Yard is outside the Houses of Parliament - on the west side - at the Peers Entrance.

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(Thanks to Geoffrey Warr for pointing this out.)

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