(PP28) CRYSTAL PALACE PARK - GRADE II* LISTED - dilapidation beyond control?

Recent Pictures around the Park - June 2003

Annerley Road entrance - traffic and poles
Aquarium - partially excavated
Crystal Palace Park Road - closed entrance, unused parking
New buildings - unoccupied, unattractive
Channel and stage-rear - wrong slope, scruffy grass, harsh steel
Museum vista - containers and stony ground
Hilltop spoil - another fenced off area

Fisherman's lake - a quiet, oasis - fisherman only

Flower beds - near hilltop site and a headless onlooker
Information centre - rubbish
Sir Joseph Paxton - bemused but still watching... the NSC
More spoil - mid-terrace, gloomy sky to match
Car parking - near NSC, middle of the Park
RNVR bell - missing plaque
Stadium - clouds with a silver lining (or gold, or bronze?)
South Tower - derelict base near musem
Thicket Road entrance - fenced-in treasure?

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