(PP.20) The Palace Bandstand - in South America

Plaza Constitucion - 1945

From an e-mail correspondent in Uraguay - Rene Boretto

"Our city (Fray Bentos) was founded in 1859 and in a nearby port a German engineer began to work on an extract of meat formula with the German Justus von Liebig. There was born the LIEBIG COMPANY, with British capital.

In 1902 the Liebig Co. gave a gift to my city, a replica of the band stand that was in the Crystal Palace of London. This gift was placed in the middle of the "Constitution Square", and actualy it is a beautiful emblem or symbol of Fray Bentos, because it is unique in our country.

Because Queen Victoria inaugurated the Crystal Palace in 1851, we named our band stad as "el kiosco de la reina" - the Queen´s bandstand... "


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