Remnants of the Hoardings

Crystal Palace Parade which once as "The Palace Road" formed a magnificent boulevard alongside the Transept entrances of the Crystal Palace, now has a rather run-down look to it from the over-crowded bus station at one end to the fenced-in zones at the other end. The magnificent wall near the underground tunnel is, for the moment, graffiti free. But the gradually rotting remnants of the hoardings which once ran along most of the top site are starting to collapse. Flytipping, fortuntely on a relatively small scale, threatens to spill onto the pavement. Attention is usually focussed on the Park itself, but this simple picture survey, taken on a greyish evening in May, shows how the Parade has been allowed to decay.


Crystal Palace Parade - east side


Crystal Palace Parade - near the tunnel

Some Fly-tipping over the low wall

The collapsing end of the hoardings

The over-crowded bus-station

The charming recycle bins - just opposite the bus station - partially block the pavement and are surrounded by litter

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7/5/05 Last Updated 7/5/05