(R79) Crystal Palace Campaign UPDATE - 2nd May 2003

Crystal Palace Campaign's opposition to Bromley Council's Unitary Development Plan (UDP)

Many of our supporters have asked us for advice regarding their objections to Bromley Council's Unitary Development Plan. We hope this bulletin gives the answers.

This autumn, there will be a public inquiry into Bromley's Council's Unitary Development Plan. The inquiry will be conducted by an independent planning inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. He will hear objections to the Plan and write a report making recommendations whether the objections should be upheld.

Concerning Crystal Palace Park, the most important of Bromley's proposals are to remove the Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) designation of the top-site, replacing it with a commercial leisure designation, and to designate the Sports Centre a "Major Developed Site". Both proposals would make it much easier for Bromley to bring forward major built development in the Park.

The Crystal Palace Campaign, along with several hundred local people and groups, objected to the proposals.

The Campaign has decided to appear at the public inquiry and argue its case. It will be represented by its Chairman, Philip Kolvin, a planning barrister who, as in all matters concerning the Campaign, will be acting free of charge. The Campaign may join forces with some local groups in presenting its case.

Over the next few months, the Campaign will prepare a template of its evidence, so that you can see what the Campaign will say at the Inquiry.

If you have made an objection to the Plan, you have three choices.

  1. You can ask the Campaign to speak for you at the Inquiry.
  2. You can speak for yourself at the Inquiry, appearing either by yourself or with an advocate of your choosing. In this case you will need to prepare a written statement of your evidence according to the timetable which will be set by the Inspector in due course.
  3. You can ask for your written objection to stand as your case. The Inspector will then read your objection along with any other evidence he has heard or read, before making up his mind.

Even if you decide not to appear at the Inquiry, you may of course still attend and watch the proceedings: we would certainly be glad of your support.

You may receive a letter from Bromley inviting you to a pre-inquiry meeting. By the date of the meeting, it would be helpful for you to decide which of the above options you wish to take.

The Campaign, as is known, last year successfully promoted a dialogue between Bromley councillors and officers and representatives of local residents, community groups and politicians. Despite some difficulties, the independently facilitated dialogue has progressed beyond workshops to working groups. The Campaign is committed to bringing the dialogue to fruition, the aim being a solution for the top site - and the whole Park - that will command maximum support in the community.

Although Councillor Michael Tickner, leader of Bromley Council, states his commitment to the dialogue, and insists that the Council has no development plans for the Park top site, nonetheless the Council has recently maintained its determination to change the MOL status. Were such a downgrading of MOL to be implemented, it would make it easier for Bromley to develop the site on its own terms. Therefore, the dialogue notwithstanding, our vigilance is critical.

We will keep you posted.

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