R88 - London Borough of Bromley News Release, 28 January 2004


Bromley Council has agreed in principle to transfer Crystal Palace Park, including the Stadium and the National Sports Centre, to the Greater London Authority (GLA).

The Council, the GLA and Sport England are continuing detailed discussions about how a transfer of the park could be carried out.

Council Leader Russell Mellor said: "I am pleased with how our discussions are going and I expect a positive outcome for everyone concerned, particularly local residents and the athletes who regularly use the facilities."

Bromley Council has consistently argued that running such a regional and national facility should not fall on just the local council, which could not afford to modernise the centre. The Council's Executive of 9 senior councillors has been authorised by the full Council to agree the final terms.

Media contact at Bromley Council: Tom Horwood, communications manager, 020 8313 4415
For further information contact Colin Brand, head of parks and landscaping, 020 8461 7250
For general information on Bromley Council, visit the
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