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Main Group Members
Crystal Palace Park Dialogue

Friday, 27 May 2005


Dear Dialogue Member,

Meeting Report and Update


Thank you to those who attended the Main Group meeting on 14th May. A copy of the meeting report is attached.

For those who could not attend, I would particularly like to draw your attention to the options assessment exercise (p.?), from which you will see that there was a very high degree of consensus, on many of the ideas presented at the meeting. However, there are still several key issues outstanding, including the future of the hilltop area. We would very much like your views on this, or any of the other options (see below for ways to contact us).

Dialogue Membership

Main Group meetings are currently attracting between 50 -100 people and at the May meeting some participants expressed a wish for future sessions to be publicly advertised. The view of the facilitation team is that simply increasing numbers is unlikely to improve the quality of the process and a solution was therefore agreed as follows.

  1. All those currently on the invitation list (Le. those receiving a copy of this letter - about 250 groups and individuals) will continue to be invited.
  2. In addition, groups that we know to be under-represented in the dialogue will be invited to special meetings and may then join the dialogue if they wish. They are: young people, elderly people, black & ethnic minorities, tenants & residents of Central Hill, Kingswood, Gypsy Hill & Sydenham Hill estates and any other bona fide local groups not represented already.
  3. People who wish to join, but who do not fit any of the above categories, will be put on the mailing list for updates, meeting reports etc. and may attend Main Group meetings as observers (and probably with opportunities to make written comments). The intention here is to keep the number of speaking participants at a manageable level and also avoid the need to revisit earlier stages of the process as newcomers join in.
  4. Main Group meetings will be advertised locally.

Future Meetings

The Task Group will continue to meet about once every three weeks. As always, it will prepare work" for the Main Group but will not make any decisions about the park on its behalf. The next Main Group meeting will be Saturday 3rd September, You will be sent an invitation to this nearer the time, but please note the date in your diary if you would like to attend. (We had planned for a Main Group in July, but it is now clear that the Task Group will need more time to prepare the [information? Ed.] for next stage.)

Public Consultation

As well as supporting the dialogue process itself, and special meetings for under-represented groups, the London Development Agency plans to hold a second large public consultation exercise in October this year. By that time, they hope to have produced a draft development framework for the park and the sports centre and the consultation will provide an opportunity for local people to respond to this.

How to Contact Us

If you have comments on the park options, or the way the dialogue works, please contact us by post or by email. These will be reported to the Task Group for consideration ,


Best wishes,

Sarah Graham

Stakeholder Involvement Unit
Tel: 020 7632 0140
E-mail: sarahg@envcouncil.org.uk

Please use The Environment Council details below as your first point of contact:

212 High Holborn
London WC1V 7BF
tel: 020 7836 2626
fax: 020 7242 1180
email: info@envcouncil.org.uk

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