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meeting of 14 MAY 2005 - Salvation Army Hall, Westow Hill


The Stakeholders' Forum or Dialogue Process has reached the point where its views are to be used to guide the London Development Agency in producing a report later this year (2005) on the changes which might take place in Crystal Palace Park.

The many people who visited the Exhibition in the Marquee in September 2004, which was used to solicit views on the future of the Park, will have appreciated what a lot of work went into providing that background material. The discussions in the Forum have also produced consensus views which were reported in (R83) Interim Report of the Dialogue Group - July 2003 and the Criteria for assessment of schemes (August 2003).

The results of that consultation have been used to inform the small Task Group whose job it was to put all the ideas together in a reasonable framework so that the full Main Group participants could express their views on the detailed items. This was done at the meeting on 14 May 2005.

This report contains the full* Main Group report published by Nigel Westaway and Associates who facilitate the process. The report is, in fact, the "wall record" from the meeting i.e. the notes which summarise the deliberations and which are written on large sheets of paper placed on the walls around the meeting room. The purpose of this method is so that everyone has a chance to look at the wall record and check its contents before the meeting has ended.

The wall record is not a verbatim meeting record, nor is it like normal meeting minutes since it aims simply to capture the main points made during discussions without recording the discussions themselves. It is therefore most useful to participants. However, the nature of the work done at this meeting was such that the tabulated form of the "opinion results" does provide a good record of participants' views and the way in which ideas on the Park are developing.

Overall CONTENTS of the meeting record:

Page 2 of 5: Covering Letter - Sarah Graham 27 May 2005

Page 3 of 5: Introductory Note: Attendance list (link to Map of Locations of participants), Objectives, Agenda, Ground Rules, Clarifictions, Glazed Escarpment, Park Options

Page 4 of 5: Results for Park Areas:

Area 1: Site of National Sports Centre (if building is demolished)
Area 1: National Sports Centre Building (if building remains but is no longer needed for sport)
Area 2: Dinosaurs, Lakes and Farm
Area 3: The Old Cricket Pitch
Area 4: English Landscape
Area 5: Hilltop and Caravan Site
Area 6: Terraces and Below
Area 7: Station Area
General Park Issues
Discussion of Options Weighting

Page 5 of 5: Discussion and Conclusions:

Way Forward
Task Group Membership
Press Release

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