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 Discussion of Areas of Conflict

Each of the major areas of conflict were discusse briefly, not with the intention of resolving them, but to clarify the range of options and the reasonsfor them.


Area Number


Conference Centre/'Eden' project:
want building gone, so don't need to discuss what would go in it.


Toy power Boats: concern is over noise of toy power boats, disturbance to birds and appearance.


Parking/overflow parking: Penge gate parking should be retained as is well used

Wildlife area: controlled access best solution


Restore track for historic motor events or as pedestrian/cycle route: Historic motor events - concern over noise. It's part of the history of the Parkland only once per year. Takes up a lot of the park(?)
Reinstate for pedestrians/cyclists - safety concerns
Triathlon to be held on 31 May - very popular

Concert bowl: replace stage, canopy & speakers. No-one wants to get rid of bowl. 2006 may see the return of classical concerts


Concerns re access, parking, disturbance, loss of tranquillity & "naturalness" of hilltop

Leisure complex - would like to see a suitable entertainment venue.
Want something primarily public.

Parking for triangle inside park area: - need parking somewhere - might be best all in one place. Don't want parking for non-park users in park.

Glazed escarpment: - ideal way to incorporate all other ideas and still open up park. No development on top site - need more info. Building didn't seem to fit into park. Grass on building wouldn't be as natural.

Rebuild CP: - Park was based around the Palace. Paxton was an innovator-he wouldn't like it rebuilt-should do something else.

Consider having a different forum to discuss development options.


Sculpture Park: - depends on what type, could be a venue for new sculpture and bring in young. Most people could live with it. Vandalism would be a threat


Commercial development: - issue of cost if building over tracks (sic).
Would help provide income. Area is redundant at present. Watch out for CP Act.

General Park Issues

CCTV & public address system: mixed views on both - security versus intrusion

Parking: private? only disabled?

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Way Forward

Most people think that Main Group meetings should be publicly advertised but newcomers to attend as observers only

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Task Group Membership


John Dickenson - to be invited to Task Group as teenagers/youth rep.

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Press Release

These headlines can be used by LDA or any other groups wanting to draw attention to the process through media, own publications, etc..

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Add Sue's and Pat's reports to the transcript report


Any reporting can follow headlines agreed inthe meeting


Type upand circulate meeting report


Next MG meeting

probably Sept 3rd

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Before they left the meeting, participants were asked to place a dot on a scale in answer to the questton below, and to make additionall comments if they were not happy.

"How happy do you feel at this stage of the process?"

If not, why not?

Where should the consultation marquee or meetings be held?

Where should these meetings be held?

Which other organisations need to be involved?

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