(R.37) Crystal Palace Campaign - Campaign member questions

1 October 2000

Fax to: 020 8290 0608 &endash; 2 Pages

Mr Andrew Palmer
Committee Clerk
Development Control Committee
London Borough of Bromley
Bromley Civic Centre
Stockwell Close



Dear Mr Palmer

Crystal Palace

Further to my faxed letter to you, I attach questions which individual members of the Crystal Palace Campaign would like to put to the Tuesday, October 3 meeting of Bromley's Development Control Committee.

1. Agenda p8 states that "the gabion wall will be constructed with facing stonework on a structural framework rather than as a wall of loose stones contained within a stainless steel mesh" Is this change one of the reasons why Ian Ritchie declined to continue because it compromised his design? "

2. The original Ritchie design had steel walls, faced with quartz aggregate down which water ran, with the feature reflected in the glass above. That was dispensed with in favour of gabion. Now we're effectively looking at a landmark building the bottom half of sounds like stone cladding. Why was this changed?

3. How does the bottom wall new stone facade structure comply with condition 03, of the grant of outline planning permission 1997, which stated inter alia "that the detail submitted shall show a building with elevations of predominantly glass and metal"?

4. RHWL drawings 10327-10-20 and 10327-10-21 refer to external glazing and stainless steel package. CPC submitted two questions: what is this, this meaning the package? RHWL (agenda comments p4) answered only the first, regarding the specification. May I have an explanation of what is this package please?

5. RHWL assert (agenda comments p4) that the rooftop plant housing is as approved. So far the illustrations show the building only as flat-roofed. Have the committee seen any illustration -- not simply technical drawings -- of how this assemblage of brutal housings, chimneys and lift shafts will impact on the skyline as seen from London and the south?

6. Despite earlier approvals, how can the proposed use of the new canal on park green land for multiplex drainage purposes be reconciled with Section III (2) of the Bromley London Borough Council (Crystal Palace) Act of 1990 which states that "nothing in this section shall authorise the provision of an hotel, restaurant, shops, licensed premises, leisure facilities, entertainment facilities or other associated uses on the green land"?

These questions will be put by: Vivien Day, Ken Lewington, Patsy Barnes, Mike Warwick, Nick Goy and Fred Emery.

Yours sincerely


Fred Emery
Crystal Palace Campaign


Please reply to: Hon Secretary, Crystal Palace Campaign
33 Hogarth Court, Fountain Drive, London SE19 1UY Telephone/Fax: 020 8670 8486
E-mail: VA.Day@ukgateway.net Campaign Website: www.crystal.dircon.co.uk
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